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Maintenance of gas cylinders (158) Valves for compressed gas cylinders and accessories (151) Compressed gas cylinders and accessories (105) Tools and test equipment for the fire extinguisher service (311)    Scales and test weights (40)    Pressure reducer + accessories, hoses and Umfüllrohre (33)    Restraining devices, installation aids, Ausleuchtlampen, mirrors, continuity tester and hydrometer for testing water extinguisher (38)    Wrenches, torque wrenches and accessories (78)    Pressure checks for Stored pressure and nitrogen cylinders, nitrogen filling, filling adapter, powder decanting funnel (36)    Sealing pliers, punches Plombenstempel, sealing wire holder (seals + seal wire = Chapter 8) (12)    Hose testing, Manometertest, parts + Toolbox (18)    Test connections (46)    Electronic test equipment, FW3000, powder tests, coating tester, water extinguishers, loading and equipment for testing water and foam extinguishers (10) Signs for fire safety (167) Signs for emergencyways (80) Supplies, cleaning - and care, maintenance documents, sealing wire and lead seals, Vaseline, rust protection, protective boxes and cases, car holder (155) Powder suction and accessories (40) CO ²-filling equipment and accessories (73) Tools and equipment for the testing of fire hydrants, pressure testing pump, flow meters, hose drying equipment, maintenance records and spare parts (53) Tools and equipment for breathing air workshop (39) RWA - Systems - Tools and Accessories Small extinguishers alarm systems, wireless smoke detector (440)