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Maintenance of gas cylinders (158)    Fillings and MOT inspections for bottles, cartridges + CO ² fire extinguisher 1.5 to 6 kg net weight (23)    MOT inspections and special services of bottles for CO ²N ² O ² compressed, inert gases etc. + reshaping, withembossing, etc. (13)    Filling of CO ² bottles of 6 kg capacity, filling of CO ²bottles for fire extinguishing systems, valve repairs (5)    Fillings nitrogen and nitrogen-argon mixtures for CO ² firefighting purposes (39)    MOT inspections of air-breathing diving apparatus and bottles, interior beams, shaping and painting = see chapter 2.7 (13)    Filling of breathing air and diving apparatus cylinders,valve replacement (6)    Painting of carbon dioxide, nitrogen, oxygen andbreathing air and diving apparatus cylinders (19)    Filling of oxygen bottles for industrial and medicalapplications = O ² med (8)    TÜV approval, fillings and coatings for fire extinguisherswith extinguishing water / foam / powder / disposal of fire extinguishers (18)    Testing of hoses, safety valves, lifting bags, pressure gauges, torque wrenches turning and propane tanks.MOT inspections of natural gas + propane tanks forvehicles (14) Valves for compressed gas cylinders and accessories (151) Compressed gas cylinders and accessories (105) Tools and test equipment for the fire extinguisher service (311) Signs for fire safety (167) Signs for emergencyways (80) Supplies, cleaning - and care, maintenance documents, sealing wire and lead seals, Vaseline, rust protection, protective boxes and cases, car holder (155) Powder suction and accessories (40) CO ²-filling equipment and accessories (73) Tools and equipment for the testing of fire hydrants, pressure testing pump, flow meters, hose drying equipment, maintenance records and spare parts (53) Tools and equipment for breathing air workshop (39) RWA - Systems - Tools and Accessories Small extinguishers alarm systems, wireless smoke detector (440)