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The History of our company

Fischer Gase is a limited company, which was founded in 1980. Our workshops extend over about 2000 m², and in them we use state-of-the-art plant to decant the following gaseous media

  • Carbon dioxide CO²

  • Nitrogen N²

  • Inert gases for use in welding

  • Argon and

  • Respiratory air

In addition to handling the gas media listed above, our daily workload involves

  • the repair and maintenance of pressurized gas cylinders
  • the regular testing of gas cylinders as laid down by the statutory Technical Supervision Service
  • and trading in specialist products used in the fire protection sector

In all the services we provide we are always concerned to use innovative technologies to your advantage and for your safety. A few examples are given below.


Quality - our main concern first last and always

And this is why we have come up with an even tighter definition of our policy on quality assurance, optimized our procedures and recorded them in writing, and documented them in our quality management system. Our staff all take continuing training; test materials and finishing equipment that is critical to quality are constantly monitored; and we are continually setting outselves new and challenging aims in terms of quality.

Our Quality Management System has been recognized through the SWISS-Certification AG as conforming to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 as well as our Industrial safety system conforming to standard BSI OHSAS 18001:1999 in April 2007.