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Maintenance, Retesting and filling of pressurized gas cylinders

Cartridges, cylinders for propellants, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, respiratory air, oxygen and industrial gases, carbon dioxide and powder fire extinguishers


Valves and valve protection devices for pressurized gas cylinders.

Valves for gases of all kinds, valve cages and hoods


Pressurized gas cylinders.

For acetylene, argon, biogen, helium, compressed air, oxygen, inert gases (for use in welding), nitrogen and many other kinds of gas


Test equipment, tools and installations needed for services to fire extinguisher customers

Weighing scales, test manometers and appliances, keys, test connections


Consumables, spares and accessories for services to fire extinguisher customers

Labels, stickers, fire and emergency signs, protective casings for fire extinguishers


Radio danger reporting systems
www.funk-rauch-melder.de )

Fire and other dangers, burglary, machine- and equipment monitoring, mobile fire- and burglary reporting systems


Tools and accessories for maintenance work on wall hydrants

Test equipment, tools, stickers and confirmations of maintenance work


Accessories for testing smoke and heat venting plant

One-way carbon dioxide cartridges and glass containers for sprinklers


Powder aspirators

Series available: Junior, Compakt, Power, Big and accessories


Filling plant for carbon dioxide CO2

with various capacities and fittings


Testing equipment, tools and accessories for the respiratory air workshop

Stickers, valves, installations for testing, maintenance work and transportation


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