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Route Planning


fischer gase gmbh
Spechbacher Strasse 1
D-74927 Eschelbronn



Location of Eschelbronn in Germany

Location of Fischer Gase in Eschelbronn

CApproaching from South/West on the Heilbronn-Mannheim motorway:

Leave the motorway at the exit for Sinsheim. At the traffic light immediately after the motorway exit turn left, and about 50 m further along is the next traffic light: turn right to take the L 292 towards Mosbach and carry on along this road for about 2 km, then follow the sign for Daisbach; drive right through Daisbach and continue on the same road for about 2 km until you reach the crossroads. Turn off left for Eschelbronn. In Eschelbronn keep to the main street, driving on past the station; we are on the left at the other end of the village.

Approaching from North/West on the Mannheim-Heilbronn motorway:

Leave the motorway at the exit marked for Wiesloch, Rauenberg and Meckesheim (this is the first after the motorway junction at Wiesloch/Walldorf, where you need to take the motorway marked Heilbronn). Follow the signs for Meckesheim; once in Meckesheim cross the railway line at the level crossing and then turn left into the main road, which is marked as the way into the centre of Meckesheim [the actual wording is "Ortsmitte Meckesheim"]. Carry on through Meckesheim following the signs for Eschelbronn. We are right at the beginning of Eschelbronn on the right.